Donation system has been fixed.

From now on, donation system will be absolutely automatic - there will be no need to contact us for getting the silk after every donation. Additionally, a new donation method called "Paygol" was added, this one offers a few different ways to donate such as paysafecard, mobile payments, SMS payments and much more. The donations we are getting these days will be dedicated for bringing new players using advertising banners, boosted posts and more. Best regards, Genesis Team.
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Grand opening delay.

We are pleased to announce that the beta phase has been ended successfully.
A big thank to the players which took a part on it, you will be rewarded at the grand opening as promised. We have decided to delay our official opening of the server, from 10th of January 2018, to 11th of January 2018 (Thursday, 5PM | UTC +1).
This is in order for more players to be able to join us during the launch for the weekend.

In the meantime you can download the client on our website and you can also find the timer of official opening at it.
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Beta phase has been started!

We are proud to announce the beginning of Genesis Online journey! Today ( 01.02.2018 ),
we are starting the beta phase in order to simulate the server and to check for bugs and other issues. The registration and downloads are now open, you are more than welcome to help us testing the server! To read how the beta works exactly works, click HERE.
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